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Air Conditioning

With our up to date Air Conditioning Machinery, we are able to offer Air Conditioning re-gases on all makes and models of vehicles. Our trained and certified Technicians are able to carry out Re-Gases, Pressure checks and sanitization of your cars system.

Like many other components on your vehicle the Air Conditioning system has a lifespan, and it is recommended for this to be recharged with fresh gas every 2 years, This is important to maintain the peak performance of the system and remove any unpleasant smells the system may start to produce.

There are 2 main types of Gases:

R134A - If your vehicle was registered pre 2014 your vehicle will require this form of gas - £44.99+VAT. (Please T&C bottom of the page that the costs are for the re-gas only, There may be extra costs for pressure testing or sanitization)

R1234YF - This is the latest style of Air Conditioning Gas that is for all models of vehicles registered from 2014 onwards. R1234yf is a synthetic HFO refrigerant developed to take over from the R134A gas with much less damage on the environment than the previous gases producing much lower greenhouse gases. Prices from £129.99+VAT.

Pressure testing - Often the Air Conditioning system can spring an invisible leak so using our state-of-the-art machinery we can check this prior to renewing your gas to make sure it doesn't come in and go straight out again saving you money in the long run. Pressure test starting from £15+VAT.

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